Buying A New Property? ~ Three Energy Efficiency Cues To Look For

Marvin Simmons

Today, there is a significant amount of hype surrounding the topic of energy efficiency. This is due to some people wanting to reduce their "carbon footprint." Others do so because they want to save money, and they know that energy efficient properties generally have lower energy bills.

Knowing what to look for in a property can save you money on future upgrades, and you may even be able to negotiate a lower selling price if you can show the buyer the upgrades you will need to make to ensure the property is energy efficient. 


Sometimes appliances come with properties as "bonuses." These appliances are not always energy efficient. Consider it a plus if you happen to find a property that has energy efficient appliances already installed. This will likely appear on the list of "perks" because sellers also know that energy efficient appliances are ideal for closing sales with buyers.

Do not merely go by Energy Star labels on appliances. You could be looking at an appliance that was once considered energy efficient, but now is not. 


Energy efficient windows can block out UV rays. These rays are often the reason for furniture and flooring fading. The right windows can ensure that temperatures remain consistent throughout properties, and energy efficient windows have marked characteristics. The more panes, the more insulated the windows are. Unstable panes are unsafe, and they also allow hot and cool air to escape or enter properties.

Protective coatings can aid in regulating temperatures even more, and window frames are a source of energy loss due to them being a source for drafts. Upgrading these areas of windows ensures that properties are energy efficient. Take note, and ask questions if you see anything about windows that appear awkward.


Ride through many neighborhoods, and you will notice dark colored rooftops. This is often the chosen color due to people wanting to create a visual effect. Dark colors conduct heat. If you want to ensure that the roofing is not going to be a problem in terms of energy efficiency, you need to have the property inspected. You may be advised to choose a lighter colored roofing material.

Some people also find out that properties of interest are not properly insulated in the roof area. This means that even if they opt to upgrade, they will still need to address insulation issues in the roof. Damaged insulation can create similar energy efficiency issues that lack of insulation creates.