Maintain Accurate Measurements And Load Control - Tips For Truck Scale Maintenance

Marvin Simmons

The economy is built on the back of the ability of trucking company owners to quickly and safely ship goods across the landscape. An important step in this process is being able to accurately measure the goods being shipped using a truck scale, and if your scale breaks down, you can quickly find yourself unable to distribute your products as efficiently as you need to.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take to calibrate and maintain your truck scale. By following these suggestions, you can guarantee accurate and reliable readings that will provide you with the information you need to ship your products accurately and quickly and maintain satisfaction in your customers.


Your scale can be affected by a wide variety of factors. Settling concrete, weather patterns, and even variations in electrical current can cause your scale to alter its readings, leaving you without a way to accurately measure your goods and ship them as needed.

Be sure to maintain a consistent calibration schedule for your scale. Your scale manufacturer will be able to provide the exact procedure you should use for a given scale, but be sure that you're thoroughly testing every load point individually to be sure that there isn't a rogue point that may be throwing off the rest of your readings.

Test Weights

One good way to make sure your scale is functioning at its highest level is to invest in test weights. Typically issued by local governments, these weights can be particularly useful because they're consistently sized and regulated in order to guarantee they meet all requirements.

You should be sure to purchase test weights that are roughly equivalent to the size of your typical shipping load. This will allow you to test your scale under conditions similar to the work day and guarantee that you're getting accurate readings that will allow you to successfully measure your shipments.

Concrete Care

Most truck scales are implanted in concrete, and as such, if your concrete develops chips, cracks, or other flaws, it can seriously damage the accuracy of your scale readings. You should be sure to monitor the surface for any damage that is caused by your trucks, the environment, or other sources, and have that damage quickly repaired. Guaranteeing a smooth surface is the first step in guaranteeing the accurate readings that will make you content with the service that you receive from your scale.

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