Relocating To Northern Canada? Equip Your Vehicle To Safely Navigate Ice Roads

Marvin Simmons

Driving in inclement weather can be difficult, but most drivers have the luxury of being able to rely in government workers to clear snow and ice from the roadways they travel each day. If you have plans to move to Northern Canada, you might find yourself relying on roads built from ice to travel from your home to the work site. Taking the time to understand the unique equipment your vehicle will need in order to make traveling these ice roads safe prior to moving will ensure that you are prepared to face your first winter in Northern Canada.

Here are 2 types of equipment to invest in for your vehicle before you make your big move.

1. Snow Tires

Driving on an icy surface can be dangerous, especially when your tires aren't equipped with the traction required to maintain contact with the road's surface. Snow tires feature razor-thin grooves, known as sipes, embedded into the surface of the tread. These higher sipes allow snow tires to bite into the surface of the road to maintain traction when conditions become slick.

The rubber used to construct snow tires is also equipped to withstand temperatures that dip below 45 degrees Fahrenheit on a regular basis, ensuring the integrity of your tires as you drive on dangerous ice roads.

2. Tire Chains

You might find that even with the best set of snow tires, getting a good grip on the surface of an ice roads building can be difficult. To avoid a potentially deadly accident, you should purchase a set of tire chains to carry in your vehicle whenever you navigate these treacherous roads.

Tire chains are designed to wrap around the tread of your snow tires, and they can help to reduce wheel spin. Eliminating unnecessary wheel spin will help your car continue moving in a forward direction. Just be sure that you remember to drive slowly when you have your tire chains installed. Experts suggest keeping your speed to 30 miles per hour or less to ensure maximum performance.

Living and working in Northern Canada comes with some unique challenges. When winter sets in it can become difficult to travel to the work site, especially if you work in a remote location. Ice roads are built to allow movement from one place to another, but navigating these roads can be dangerous without access to the right equipment. Be sure that your vehicle is equipped with snow tires, and that you have tire chains ready to install if needed, before you try to drive on an ice road in the future.