Rebuilding Data Center Framework For Your Specific Needs

Marvin Simmons

Data centers equipment storage brands employ a 'one size fits all' approach to their products due to a standard of design that once covered all of the Information Technology (IT) industry. Unfortunately, the standards are largely being railed against as new companies push for their standards or attempts to reach towards newer standard proposals. Instead of trying to shift to an entirely different standard or buying equipment from every single vendor, consider a few ways that steel fabricators can help you make a much more agile data center.

The Difference Between Custom And Pre-Built Equipment

In a perfect world, you could simply install a set of standarized server racks and desks for all of your computer system needs. The servers would slide into place with no need for adapters and all screw holes would be in the same place. Unfortunately, this sort of convenience has become a thing of fantasy.

When you bring in an entire pre-built server rack or equipment cabinet, you're risking a lot with your future equipment. If you plan on using on brand for all of your network, security and transmission systems needs you may not require a lot of changes that the vendor can't handle for you. Unfortunately, the reality of the tech industry requires a lot of equipment mixing.

You'll have to purchase adapters for equipment that doesn't fit a specific brand measurement. Although these adapters can be found from the vendor, it represents more difficult installation and longer maintenance requirements if the device has to be taken down.

A team of steel fabricators can make the issue of poor fitting a thing of a past. By designing a system of steel rails that can be built to a specific measurement, your installation team can design each section to fit for specific pieces of equipment. Instead of having to change adapters and remove entire pieces just for accommodation, the fabrication team can design trays that clamp around specific sizes for a grip that lasts a long time.

Security Containers For Specific Systems

Security cages and protective cases aren't always available for every single piece of equipment. If you have an old server or specialized system that needs physical security, a steel fabrication team can help.

Send the dimensions of the device to the fabrication team, including specific port positions for plugging in different cables and accessories. With the right measurements, the fabrication team can design a cage system that fits your specific needs while adding any custom content you want. Add locks and latches to make access easy without giving away access to physical intruders who couldn't hack your system digitally.

Get in contact with a steel fabrication team, such as John Duff Ltd, to begin planning your upgrades.