Three Interior Accents Where Masonry Works Well

Marvin Simmons

If you're a homeowner who's hoping to jazz up the interior of your home with some fresh accents, you could find that old-fashioned brick or brick veneer is the key. Masons can create some lovely, stately brick highlights that make your home look cozy, modern, and elegant. Three places in particular in the home work well when created with brick or brick veneers.


The back wall behind the stove in your home doesn't have to be left as barely painted drywall or tile. Brick veneer or a layer of bricks that have been sealed with a waterproof sealant can serve as a relatively easy-to-clean backsplash. It is important to seal real brick because if you don't, it will be decidedly not easy to clean. But a glossy layer is all you need to make the brick surface less friendly to splattered sauces and grease.

Whether you use real brick or veneer, though, the look of brick is warm and solid. It brings to mind the ideas of a hearth, warm bread, and filling meals. Combine the brick backsplash with a spotlight over the stove, and you have one cozy, calm cooking zone.

Indoor Ovens

If you really like that idea, you can take it one step further by having a working brick oven added to your kitchen. Cook tasty pizzas and breads over a wood fire that's safely ensconced in a real brick cave where you control the flames. Many brick ovens have a space underneath for wood storage so you can keep fuel close by for those longer cooking sessions.

Accent Walls

Move the brick into another part of the house for an altogether different impression. Brick accent walls -- again, either veneer or sealed real brick and mortar -- make living rooms and hallways look modern, like the inside of a repurposed warehouse. Brick columns or stairway walls can add an elegant touch to an otherwise staid room. And remember, brick can be painted. If you want the textural look of brick but want a lighter color, you can paint the brick walls to your satisfaction.

If you have questions about installing brick features in your home or want more instructions about how to care for it, contact a masonry company like E D Masonry Ltd that does home remodeling and decorative work. Many masons are trained not only to do basic bricklaying and stone cutting, but also artistic work that is often very functional at the same time.