Want More Privacy In Your Master Bathroom? 3 Ideas For Changing The Shower

Marvin Simmons

Remodeling your master bathroom can be a great way of making your home feel more luxurious and make it more enjoyable for you to take showers or baths every day. While your budget may not allow for a lot of projects in the bathroom, you should set aside some of your money for an update to the shower.

Since the shower is likely used every single day, you'll really be able to enjoy some improvements that are made. Instead of replacing the shower entirely, consider some of the following projects that can make a big impact.

Get the Shower Doors Treated

An easy project that can make a big difference in the way your master bathroom looks is through treating the shower doors. If the shower doors are a transparent glass, you can get them treated by adding a glazed effect that can even add some privacy. This can be great for when you want to feel more private in the bathroom, allowing you to shower without giving you a clear view of the rest of the room.

Depending on the amount of time you have available, you may even be able to treat the shower doors on your own.

Opt for a Curtain Placed Over the Doors

If you're not willing to get rid of the shower doors due to concerns over safety or the amount of money spent on them, you can still make a big difference in the way they look by hanging a curtain in place over the doors. Simply hanging a curtain along the space for the shower can allow you to create a customized look that is easy to change. When choosing a shower curtain, all you'll need to do is make sure that it fits with the style of the bathroom and is resistant to mildew.

Tint the Shower Door Partially

While you can get a glazed effect added to your shower doors, this isn't the only option in the bathroom. If you like having a clear view of the rest of your bathroom from the shower, you can still add some privacy by getting the shower door partially tinted. By getting it tinted from chest height down, the shower will appear much more private without as drastic of a difference.

Refinishing your bathroom shower can look great. With this in mind, you can look into some of the above ideas and implement something that you enjoy best.