Climate-Controlled Sunrooms: Can You Install One Soon?

Marvin Simmons

If your family recently embarked on a mission to save energy in your home, you may wonder if it's possible to install a climate-controlled room in your house. If you install a climate-controlled sunroom in your home, you can save energy over time. A climate-controlled sunroom not only saves energy but also provides access to the great outdoors all year round. Learn more about climate-controlled sunrooms and how to install a sunroom in your home below.

What Are Climate-Controlled Sunrooms?

Sunrooms are some of the most popular home additions known to date. Sunrooms allow you to enjoy large amounts of sunlight throughout the day, and they also allow you access to the great outdoors all year round. However, some sunrooms can be too cold to frequent in the winter. You can enjoy the benefits of a sunroom throughout the year with a climate-controlled sunroom.

Climate-controlled sunrooms come with unique features that allow you to stay warm in the cold season and cool in the summer, including energy-efficient glass and frames. Energy-efficient glass generally comes with special features, such as low-emissivity coatings or insulated panels, to maintain certain temperatures and environments during the year. These features help protect sunrooms and other rooms from heat or cold loss, depending on the season of the year. 

Sunrooms may also come with special frames that seal out cold or warm air. Most sunrooms come with multiple windows, so the frames may be a great benefit to you. 

If you think a climate-controlled sunroom is just what your family needs this year, contact a contractor soon. 

How and Where Do You Install Your Sunroom?

A contractor will need to evaluate your home carefully before they design the installation plans for your climate-controlled sunroom. You want to install your sunroom in an area of the home that receives the most sunlight. Trees and other large obstacles may block or prevent sunlight from entering your sunroom.

A contractor may also evaluate the structure or makeup of your home before they install a sunroom in it. You can convert some rooms into sunrooms with the right planning, such as a small outdoor porch. If you wish to convert a porch into a sunroom, a contractor will need to measure the space to see if it meets your expectations and needs.

If you don't have extra space to convert into a sunroom, a contractor can create a climate-controlled sunroom for you. A contractor will need to construct a separate frame for the room and attach or connect it to the original walls in your home.

If you need help installing or creating a climate-controlled sunroom in your home, consult a contractor today.