Signs You Might Need Foundation Repair

Marvin Simmons

It is common knowledge that the foundation is the most important part of a building.  Structures are built on a foundation and depend on it to keep the rest of the building standing.  Due to that, foundations are built to last and should not show signs of failure.  If there are problems with a foundation, it can cause severe issues with the rest of the building.  Knowing what signs to look for are important when determining whether you have a foundation problem.


Water is a sign that there could be a problem with your foundation.  Take standing water seriously.  Standing water might indicate a foundation issue if found in the basement, crawl space, or the soil outside of the house.  A musty smelling basement, mold, or water stains in the basement might also be signs of water caused by a failing foundation.


There are many places in a building that might crack due to foundation problems.  Cracks in the wall in the basement or crawl space could indicate earth movement.  The foundation itself should not show any damage.  Bricks on the outside of the building or in the basement might crack in a stair step pattern, as well as concrete either inside of the house or outside of the house.  Walls in the sheet rock in upper levels of building, especially around windows, in corners, or by openings in the wall can indicate a shifting of the foundation.  Cracks in the floor can also indicate problems.


A sloping floor likely indicates a foundation problem.  If a ball is placed anywhere on the floor, it should not roll on its own.  It should stay in one place.  If the ball rolls, there is a slope in the floor.  Another indication of a sloping floor might be gaps between the wall and the ceiling.  Listen for creaking in the floor, as well.

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows show signs of a failing foundation, also.  Look for misaligned doors and windows.  If a door or window sticks when attempting to open it, or if you notice gaps, there might be a problem.  This includes garage and basement doors, as well as windows in the attic.

Take possible foundation problems seriously.  Knowing the signs of a failing foundation can save a building from major damage if caught soon.  If you notice any of these indicators, it is a great idea to contact a local foundation professional like Abalon Construction.