3 Reasons To Consider A Modular Home

Marvin Simmons

A modular home, also called a prefab home, is one that is built off-site, then assembled by a builder. It is not the same as a manufactured or mobile home, since both of these homes can be moved. Modular homes are more similar to a traditional homes since they're built on a permanent foundation. Here are some benefits of choosing this type of home.

They Are Built With Quality Materials

The manufacturing process of modular homes is done primarily in a warehouse setting, which has excellent climate control. In this indoor setting, each aspect of the home is built with the best tools, including manufactured jigs. These tools allow the homes to be built quickly and efficiently, without much room for human error. Not only are they assembled on a permanent foundation, they are also different from manufactured homes due to the higher quality of materials used.

The Houses Are Built Quickly

Since the different aspects of the home are built in a factory warehouse, the houses are typically built faster than if you have a custom home. You can still customize your modular home, though you don't have to wait for the weather to be good or for a contractor and his laborers to finish the construction. Factories and warehouses build parts of multiple modular homes at once, and the tools and equipment get the construction done fast. Once the pieces get to the construction site, the contractor only needs to build and assemble it, which takes far less time than starting from scratch. While many homes take between 8 to 12 months to build, modular homes only take about 6 weeks to be constructed; and, you could probably move in within 4 months

Inspections and Regulations Are Done For You

When you choose a modular home, you don't need to worry about inspecting the home for solid construction or being sure it follows local regulations. Modular home companies will look at your local laws for building homes and adhere to those regulations. All you need to do is order the home and give them your different customizable options. The contractor will then build the home on your property once it is complete. There is no red tape to go through or third-party inspections needed.

Also consider the fact that modular homes are more energy-efficient than traditional ones. The production of these homes don't require as much waste or water, so you are already helping the environment. Added to that is the fact that factories often reuse materials and are sticklers for recycling waste. Talk with a contractor, like Roca Modular Homes, to discuss other benefits and the cost of having a modular home built for you.