Does Your Concrete Need To Be Resurfaced?

Marvin Simmons

Concrete is a common construction material found on many modern residential properties. Your home might have a concrete driveway, sidewalks, or patio floor that add to the form and function of your property. Keeping these concrete construction elements in good condition is essential to preserving the safety and value of your home.

Resurfacing can be a useful tool when it comes to maintaining your concrete living areas. Determining when your concrete surfaces need to be resurfaced will allow you to keep your property looking great and functioning properly well into the future.

Structural Damage 

One of the primary reasons that homeowners opt to invest in resurfacing services for their concrete patios, driveways, or sidewalks is the presence of structural damage.

Concrete is a porous material, which means that water can seep into the concrete over time. As this water expands and contracts with changes in temperature, the concrete can begin to crack. If you see signs of cracking or crumbling when examining your concrete, resurfacing the area could be a viable solution.

A polymer-modified overlay can be applied over the entire surface to help seal in cracks and restore the integrity of your concrete features. Using resurfacing to address structural damage is an effective way to maintain your concrete.

Cosmetic Damage

Another reason you might want to consider investing in concrete resurfacing services is the presence of cosmetic damage on your concrete surfaces. Because concrete is porous, any liquids that are spilled onto the concrete can be absorbed into the slab.

Motor oil, antifreeze, and other fluids can easily stain your concrete surfaces. These stains detract from the aesthetic value of your property, so resurfacing stained concrete is a smart idea.

You can opt to have your concrete stained with a decorative color to mask flaws. Resurfacing techniques that utilize stencils and engraving can also be beneficial in hiding any imperfections in your concrete surfaces. These decorative resurfacing techniques can be more affordable than the application of a polymer-modified overlay, making them a great option for resurfacing concrete that is structurally sound but needs a bit of a facelift to restore its beauty.

Taking advantage of the benefits that resurfacing services can offer allows you to better care for your home's concrete surfaces. Consider resurfacing when your concrete has been damaged by water infiltration, or when stains on the surface of your concrete areas are detracting from the beauty of your property.